Monitoring as a Service

Our cloud based monitoring solutions gives you visibility of your network infrastructure and server status enabling you to respond to issues proactively often before your user base is aware these is a problem. Additionally your engineers will be able to troubleshoot faster as they will have the data at there fingertips to help them focus in on the root cause of the problem.

Meanwhile our engineers deal with the day to day running of your monitoring system. We do the backups, updates and advise you of new feature we think may benefit you.

Our monitoring service comes in three flavours as standard, although custom packages are also available if our standard offering wont quite do what you need.

ASPmon LiteASPmonASPmon XL
Agent based server monitoringAgent based server monitoringAgent based server monitoring
SNMP network device monitoringSNMP network device monitoringSNMP network device monitoring
Ping based uptime monitoringPing based uptime monitoringPing based uptime monitoring
Website uptimeWebsite uptimeWebsite uptime
Website performance Website performance
Internet Connection UptimeInternet Connection UptimeInternet Connection Uptime
5Gb Storage50Gb Storage250Gb Storage
Management Report DashboardManagement Report Dashboard
Email AlertingEmail AlertingEmail Alerting
SMS & Whatsapp AlertingSMS & Whatsapp Alerting
Help Desk IntegrationHelp Desk Integration
Onsite Hardware CollectorXL Onsite Hardware Collector
Monthly ReportingMonthly Reporting